August O. Agustoslu Information

Maison Martgiela Artisanal 2022, Cinema Inferno Pack. You are a lucky one if you get one of this @maisonmargiela @olu.odukoya

Developed an audio-visual AR filter in partnership with COTY’s retailers for the launch of Limited Edition Marc Jacobs Spring. Shareable to Instagram stories, filter offered users an interactive way to experience the essence of the fragrance through sound and art in 360° from the safety of their living rooms. +STUDIOBLUP

Happy to have worked on GARAGISME's 7th issue. GARAGISME is a Contemporary Automotive Journal and reflects a new and unique outlook on the present, past and future of car culture. It questions the creatures of the road by uniting the testimonies and images of contemporary artists, architects, writers,and sociologists. +GARAGISME

Working for a good cause with @studio_blup . @mission44 is a foundation launched by @lewishamilton which supports, champions and empowers young people from underrepresented groups to succeed in the UK. The foundation envisions a fair and inclusive society for all young people to reach their full potential, through access to equal opportunity in education, employment and wider society.

Fragrance Re-defined! Art direction for Marc Jacobs Daisy. Working with COTY, we use creative storytelling to help a native digital audience resonate and connect with fragrance in an online environment. +COTY +STUDIOBLUP

NIKE AIRMAX DAY 2020. Incollaboration with JD and NIKE, Blup remixed the Airmax 90 sneaker with art and cultural references to create a strong visual exploration of what the sneaker represents. +JD +STUDIOBLUP

Project for @burberry with the amazing team of . We created visual content to live in a virtual time capsule - a space to revisit, experience the clothing, memories and energy that came with it. Then ripped up the rule book of how to showcase premium product by collaging the visuals together in various patterns and textures to create looks that stand out from the crowd. Check out the sick interactive lookbook published by @hypebeast +SUPERIMPOSE.GLOBAL

adidas Originals NMD Racer ‘Monaco’ edition is a culturally-inspired release that unites the NMD Racer with the competitive spirit embodied by its own name. Worked on the graphic assets and the art direction for this project. +SUPERIMPOSE.GLOBAL

Bare With Me exhibition is a series of images exploring the state of undress with an emphasis on contemporary concepts of erotica today. Designed the exhibition identity and the zine.

38 page single-sided prints from the exhibition. 20 mono-color Risograph prints 23x34cm on recycled paper. Edition of 50 (May 2019).

Photographer @begumyetis Stylist @iammattking - Art Directed by me


@Ditto_london collaborates with @machine_a to present a new @martine_rose zine: 'Don Pedro'. The zine focuses on the inspiration for Rose’s A/W 17 collection; The Columbian market in Seven Sisters where her runway show was held. +DAZED +ID +HERO +HYPEBEAST

Happy to have contributed to the Nike London x Jorja Smith Unlocked event teaming up with AMPLIFY. The event explored sport, creativity and music. Also featured young creatives from London.

In calm hues of off-white and faded pink, Jorja stuns beaming with effortless energy, making this Nike campaign feel fresh, elegant. Design aspect of the event reflects the colour of the shoe and energy of the creative youth in London. +AMPLIFY

Art direction for the Nike’s innovative Shox TL “Triple Black” launch at Shopi go. Popular in the early 2000s, the sneaker showcases Nike’s once-innovative Shox Technology, a mechanical cushioning system that was first conceived way back in 1984. Created motion graphics for the online store and social media.

“All-purpose, prescription free medicine” - a sartorial tribute to raki, the national drink of Turkey, popularly known as ‘lion’s milk’. Produced from grapes the aniseed-flavoured alcohol is commonly consumed with chilled water or ice cubes, similarly to absinthe. Commissioned by NTS, designed by Omer Agustoslu, a Turkish-born graphic designer and art director who now resides in London. +SHOP.NTS.LIVE

Since the iconic series first launched in the early ‘90s, adidas’ Equipment series has been a vanguard of progressive, reactive footwear design. In the new adidas’ EQT Support PK, 3 unique textile patterns distinguish each version of the shoe, while 3D printed details on the shoe’s heel-tab mark this differentiation. From start to finish I worked on the development of the art direction, being in charge of creating pattern sets, typographic elements, layouts as well as the toolkit. +SUPERIMPOSE.GLOBAL

I created this motion graphics presentation for adidas Originals which unveiled the BOOST-Assisted P.O.D System. The new drop features an adidas NMD-style upper with a sculpted BOOST heel, a segmented midsole, foam detailing near the toe, and a cross lacing system. +SUPERIMPOSE.GLOBAL

50/50 is a project created by Everpress that brings together 50 artists in partnership with AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL to Campaign against injustice and inequality around the world. I was responsible for creating the 50/50 logo while the new Everpress identity was designed by +EVERPRESS +SUPERIMPOSE.GLOBAL

Another great project I got to work on with @ben_ditto & @ditto_london , Future Fantasy by @vincapetersen is out on the 7th December. Future Fantasy uses the archive of Vinca Petersen spanning the 1990s to tell the story of an adolescent growing up in a world of contradictions: the traditional expectations of beauty in the modelling industry contrasted with the anarchy and freedom of the illegal rave scene and Vinca’s choice to live on the road. +DAZED +HERO

My new design for ’s thought piece series. Post-Ascending Authority, New Power Shift Cover --- Dominance hierarchy is a phenomenon in which a clear hierarchy is established within a social group, often through aggression or force. Once a dominance hierarchy is established, the dominant group will often create a social ranking system to designate how, where and when members of different social groups may interact. Read the full article from website +SERVICES UNKNOWN

A glimpse into my latest work for GambleAware, the problem-gambling awareness charity. The spot, called "Can we have our ball back?" It is the first time GambleAware has chosen to highlight problem-gambling in relation to a particular sport and how it is normalising gambling for children. The ad, created by And Rising, shows young footballers at every level – including children – suffering from a mysterious phenomenon of disappearing balls.

Modern Art Oxford is a leading UK contemporary art space with an international reputation for inspirational and innovative programmes. Designed the recent exhibition identities showcasing Hanna Ryggen and Nicolas Party. +NARRATE

Welcoming @port_magazine to Turkey @portmagazine_tr with its first issue! Very excited to take on the role as Creative Director working alongside with it's talented team.

Port is a biannual style magazine with a focus on beautiful and intelligent content for the modern reader.

By invoking the lost spirit of high-quality biannual magazines, together with the most current and engaging of subject matter, Port is setting a new standard for modern titles. The magazine features essays and profiles from the world’s foremost and iconic practitioners in fields such as architecture, design, business, film, environment, politics, literature and comedy alongside timeless examples of classic style and fashion.

Worked on a cover artwork for the “Words That Matter” collection on @MEDIUM . Great article by @_morganjerkins New York based author.

This typographic zine embraces the journey of a graphic designers’ mind during the course of the constant struggle to produce a creative design. Designers spend most of their times through working with digital tools to execute their ideas. By constructing and deforming typefaces, this small publication studies the language of the software, coming into the realisation of a love-hate relationship. @lebenleibegrafik +DESIGNBBY

Digital Insides is a collaborative art project about trust, evidence, ethics, consent and technology in medical imaging. Through dialogues and artist interventions it aims to reclaim medical images. The idea of the project is convey the transparency of the logotype with medical imaging and project’s data base. In collaboration with +NARRATE +DIGITALINSIDES

Psychedelic themed poster series for sale at Midnight Express. Also exhibited at Unter - Karakoy.

Art Direction for L'officiel Hommes Turkey // Spring Summer 2017 // Cover Story // Photographer @Begum Yetis // Stylist @Matt King

Design for ’s thought piece series. The third response to our Post-Ascending Authority statement from Services Unknown comes from AgCa founder and Commissioning Editor for Nowness & Conde Nast Avi Grewal. +SERVICES UNKNOWN

Custom typeface for "Hayır" means "NO" - is a social media post against Turkish presidential referendum.

Interview - A publication design that consists of Allen Ginsberg & Gregory Corso’s interview with William s. Burroughs. the design elements simply try to reflect William s. Burroughs’s answers that contain his chaos and inner philosophy.

Un-Known is an Artist-Run Gallery and Atelier based in Istanbul. Zine contains works from 4 artists in different fields and reflects their projects produced for Contemporary Art Fair in Istanbul.

We brought together the backstage photography by Onur Dag of designer Lug Von Siga’s collection, performed partly in Istanbul and partly in Marid. It was our pleasure to be part of this special book, which was gifted to a number of exclusive fashion lovers.

Logotype of a brand new athletic club "RAUM" is where the very best personal trainers and innovative classes meet with exclusive members. Responsible for all aspects of the design process including interior graphics. +STUDIOFURTHER